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Due Nov 01, 2012
I am still learning about myself, and the things I am capable of doing..

I love my son, my family, and my friends!!!

hmm where to start.. I am fun, I love hanging out drinking with my friends.. I really like playing pool even though I suck.. I like dancing.. not that I am good at it.. I just like goofing off and having a good time, I love to talk.. but not over the phone... I am more of a texting person.. I am sarcastic.. and very good at it... lol, I guess you could say I have multiple personalities.. because if your a nice person I am a nice person, if your a b***h I am a b***h, if your stupid.. I will be the first to tell you.. (ja probably thought I was going to say that I was too) I love to laugh.. I love to help people (I sometimes go overboard with it).. I like it when I know I have made someone feel better... I can be serious when needed. I have a ZERO tolerance for liars.. I will call you out as soon as you lie.. So be prepared if you plan on lying to me!! I am honest.. If you ask me something I will tell you.. I will not approach you first.. Believe it or not I am actually very shy until I get to know you.. and at the same time I can be very judgmental. I know its bad but I think that everyone can be so why deny it.. I find drama interesting not that I go looking for it.. but if it happens I will laugh at it..

If there is anything that I haven't mentioned that you feel the need to know let me know!!