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Age 32
Gender Female
Status Married
Work Stay At Home Momma
Location Laurel, Maryland
Kids 3
Due May 22, 2013
I am me and thats all I am. If you dont like that then you can
have the pleasure of staying the hell away from me.

Yeah. 28 years old, blonde hair, hazel eyes that change, 5'3.5"(really do need to add that extra half inch). Do I really need to go on. Fine!!! Grew up just about all over Maryland from Riverdale to Westminster and now in Laurel and lived in Georgia for like 6 months back in 2002. Wasn't a mistake because I got my best friend out of being down there. I am not redneck, but am country. Hate wearing shoes and clothes for that matter.
My son Damion Malakai Was born December 3 2004. He weighed 6lbs 13.7 oz and was 21 inches. I had sworn that I wouldnt be having any more, but I had Travis Robin on October 16 2010. He weighed 6lbs 10.2 oz and was 18 3/4 inches. I am not sure as of the moment if there will be any more, but I will keep an open mind about it.
Hate fake people. If you cant say it to my face then dont waste your breath. I'm a b***h and I know it, if you dont like it then dont talk to me.
If I dont talk to you its because I dont really like you. If I pick on you like theres no tomorrow, well I like you and your going to have to deal with me aggervating you, so be a sport and pick back.
I wont change for you, I am who I am and most likely will be that way the rest of my life. Will answer to almost anything and am called alot of things. But who cares. We get one chance at life.
If you want to know more hollar at me. No question is stupid, but you are if you dont ask it.