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I learnt that Life is not a Bed of Roses, but It's not impossible, nothing is,....the word itself say's IM POSSIBLE.... it can be done if you work hard for it...

I learnt that for one to know if a friend is real, tell them the exact opposite of what you are and what you are really like, then wait for a couple of weeks,.. If they are worth keeping, they will accept you for what you are, whoever you are... But if they turn out to be the goodie type thing but stabbing you once you turn your back... VOILA! ... You'll be thankful that you don't have to waste time with some plastics in the future!

I learnt that one cannot unscramble the omelette, you can always try and make fresh ones but you know its not going to be the same, we need to be careful of the words that we'll use or the actions that we'll take because SORRY never erase the hurt, it just mask it.

I LOVE AND RESPECT GOD; But I am no girl with a halo.
I am definitely a sinner.
I try not to sweat small stuff and I try to fix things before it turns into custard I know that when it hits the fan Im the one who's going to face the consequences.

I love to laugh and love to make other people laugh.


a dreamer.
a fighter.
a survivor.
a very loving friend.
a sweet daughter.
a very fussy cook.
a very thoughtful sister.
a passionate lover.
a woman who never forgets to thank THE ONE UP

Treat others like you want to be treated.

DO NOT expect for something that you, yourself cannot give.