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Hi. My name is Jenny.

Our life is a little complicated but that is what makes it complete. I have a 4 year old daughter. Her name is Ashlyn. She is a 4 year old sweetie pie :) I am not longer with her dad. She lives with her mama all the time. I am engaged to an amazing man named Josh. He also has a child. He has a 6 year old daughter named Kylie. Both of our girls live with us all the time. Josh is like Ashlyn's dad and I am like Kylie's mom. I love both of these girls so much and would give up the world for them.

Josh saved me. I was at a really bad time in my life. Ashlyn's dad was physically abusive to both my child and I and Josh saved us both. It was just meant to be I think. Ashlyn adores him and he adores her. We met in 2009. Ash was only about 7 months old. He is all she knows. We got engaged October 22nd 2011. We started planning our wedding. We were planning on getting married October of this year, but those plans got switched up when in February we found out we were having a baby :) We were honestly happy. Maybe we wouldn't get our wedding first but it is okay! We set the new wedding date for December 15th, 2012! Preparing for a wedding and a baby is difficult but it's a true blessing also <3 I can't wait!

Ashlyn Raquel is my beautiful baby girl. She is growing up every single day and I love being a part of it. She is a mini me. She can't wait to be a big sister!c9G0m4.pngz5067aef57f6cb.gifKylie is Josh' daughter. She is not allowed to see her mom due to a lot of circumstances. She calls me mom, I am really all she has known. I love her like my own. She is beautiful inside and out!

z5067af15192b2.gifWe are excited our first baby together is a little boy! His name will be Mason! This pregnancy was unexpected, welcomed and such a challenge. Compared to Ash, this is so rough. I have been sick sick sick!! I just want my little guy here already! Can't wait to keep our family going!