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Due Oct 21, 2012 (girl)
Hey, guys! My name's Heather and I'm expecting a baby girl on the 22nd of October. I had a previous account, but I've recently deleted my Facebook and had to make a new one due to me signing in with Facebook every time before.

I'm twenty-three and have a husband. We own a home together with two dogs and a cat and can't wait to add our baby into the mix! Her name is going to be Sophia Emily and her nursery is a garden theme; it's beautiful.

So far my main craving has been pancakes! Any kind: regular with syrup, chocolate chip, blueberry, apple cinnamon. But recently I've been too impatient to make them myself... I always take them out too early and they don't cook thoroughly! Boo.

I've finally checked in to the "nesting stage" of my pregnancy. I found myself wishing I was at that stage when I reached 30 weeks and finally (at 37 weeks) I've gotten there! I just woke up one morning and started scrubbing the bathtub and the walls of my house... and it felt so natural yet strange at the same time.

The name Blackbeltbaby is what it is because she hasn't stopped moving the entire time I've been able to feel her kick/punch/flip/glide/slip and slide; even with the size she's at now (a little over six and a half pounds). So, she's my little karate kid.

I'm so excited to bring my first baby into the world and show her all of the good in it and shelter her from the bad until she's old enough to face it; then I'll face it with her, being her support system and loving mother first and friend second. I already love her with all of my heart and soul and can't even imagine how the feeling will grow once she's actually here and I'm able to hold her in my arms.

She's all I've ever wanted.

"'You were a million years of work,' said God and His angels, with needle and thread. They kissed your head and said, 'You're a good kid and you make us proud. So just give your best and the rest will come, and we'll see you soon.'"
- Sleeping At Last