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~~Alliana Moira Turner~~

~Daddy's Angel & Mommy's Ballerina~

Born February 13, 2013 at 4:49 PM via C-Section
7 lbs 5 oz 19 inches

On February 11, 2013, I had an ultrasound done to count Alliana's movements since I had high blood pressure. She was asleep at the time, so she wasn't moving very much. The next day, we got a call telling us to come into the hospital - that they were going to induce me. They inserted cervidil for the first day, but I only dilated to a 1 cm. On February 13th, they started me on pitocin. After a few hours of being on that, they checked and I was still 1 cm dilated. At 4PM, they told me I was going in for a C-Section. I was so upset that I didn't even get to feel what contractions truly felt like and that I didn't get a chance to push, but at least my daughter was coming into this world. When I went into the room and they started cutting, all I could do was listen. They wouldn't lower the drape when they reached my daughter. She was crying before they cut her out, and I just burst into tears of happiness when I heard her. They cleaned her up and handed her to my fiancee'. I got a quick glance at her before he took her to the nursery. When I was finished being stitched up, they took me by the nursery and I burst into tears again when I saw my baby (which was the only baby in there. Our hospital is small.) When they brought me into the recovery room, my OB came in and explained that my daughter had bilateral clubfoot and explained that she could refer us to Shriners to have it fixed. Even before I went in for the C-Section, I told the nurses I didn't care if she had feet and that I would still love her. I was still emotional, though, because I knew she wouldn't be able to do everything that every other kid can do and that she'd be in pain with the casts, surgery, & boots. After the OB left, I waited for my baby to be brought into me, but my sisters and parents came in first and it felt like FOREVER until my fiancee' brought my daughter in. Then, he held her for a long time (I feel like I'm complaining, but I REALLY wanted my baby) before I could hold her, but I think that's because I was still shaky from the C-Section and the side-affects of the medicine. When I got to hold her, I cried again. I couldn't believe that I was a mom. After everyone left, I finally got a little alone time with Alliana & my fiancee, who stayed the night in the hospital with me. Since I was unable to get up and grab her, I depended on him & the nurse that night. The next day, I was determined to move around a lot, so I asked the nursery to watch my daughter while I got a little exercise and took a shower (which never felt so good!) That night, my fiancee' had to work, so I thought I'd have to leave my daughter in the nursery, because they won't let someone who's had a C-Section be alone with their baby until they feel they can. Later that night, though, when the nurse brought Alliana in for a feeding, she let her stay in with me since I could get up and move around without a problem (don't get me wrong, it still hurt because of the staples, but I was more determined to take care of my daughter.) The next day, when my OB came to check on me, I requested to be discharged (I don't like staying in hospitals) and at 6 PM I was discharged.

Starting when Alliana was 3 weeks old, we began her casting to help move her feet into the correct position. Here is a video of her progress (though I don't have any recent ones of her in her boots & bars. She is a little Houdini with those, though lol)