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Hold on to my hand... never let go.. never let go.

I like storms. I enjoy sitting around and watching TV, but when I wanna go out, I'm going out. I love to sleep. I have an obsession with shoes. I like to drive and listen to music really loud. Summertime makes me happy. I hate Valentines day. I love camping. I say stupid things sometimes, but laugh about it. If I could go anywhere in the world, it would be Egypt. I love television. I'm a chemistry major. I love to learn and it shows- 4+ years in college and 2 major changes. There are a lot of things I wish I could do in life, but I don't feel like theres enough time to do them. I hold grudges. I like arguing, but rarely ever win. I like the smell of gasoline. I enjoy being around my friends. I love going tubing. I have to go to the lake or river every so often or I go a little nuts. Winter makes me fidgety and tired, but I love the concept of it. I would love for the world to be a better place, but am sure it will never be. If I could be a celebrity for a day, I would be Oprah (even though I'm not too fond of her). I love the smell of rain. I love to open the windows when it storms. If I had to be any animal in the world, it would be an otter. closed-mindedness pisses me off.