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Welp Im currently a stay at home mom I have a wonderfull husband and a beautifull son. and.I think a awsome life, could be better, everyone says that about there own. But anyway most of u know evrything there is to know about me, cuz I only befriend the ppl Ive known throughout my life or I have met. My passion is Art and everything to do with it. I am def. not a downer. I see the good in things and the beautie in life... What good is liveing if u dont see the wonderfull things around you. Well I mostly try too anyway, it gets hard sometimes lol, I am wiccan the earth is my god and no Im not a crazy tee hugging hippy but I do apeciate what they have done ;) sooo yeeeeh but anyway, there's some of the things about me.. (if you want to know more about myslef than you best bet is to figure it out along the way cuz I still dont know evrthing about my sef :P ) oh and Im like mentaly challenged when it come to spelling lol