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Age 20
Gender Female
Status In a Relationship
Location Decatur, Tennessee
Due Apr 01, 2013 (girl)
Name: Sabrina
Age: 17
Is this the first child?: Yes.
1. When is your due date?: April 2nd, 2013 <3
2. How far along are you right now?: 31 weeks
3. Have you had an ultra sound?: Yes.
4. Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes.

1.Do you know what you are having now?: A girl.<3
2. Are you happy with what you are having?: of course! As long as she has ten fingers and ten toes and is healthy

1. Who is going to be with you?: my grandmother, and i get 3 more.
2. Are you going to video tape?: Most likely not
3. Natural or Medicated?: trying to go natural. i plan on doing water labor
4. Do you think you will have a c-section? Hopefully not. im terrified.
5. Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby? NO DOUBT!!
6. Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it? ill probably be speechless
7. Are you scared about the labor? im nervous,

1. Do you have a name picked out?: Sarah Lenay
2. Is your baby going to be named after anyone? Sarah from the Labyrinth
3. Did the daddy help pick the name?: no.

1. Have you felt the baby move?: Yes
3. What was your first symptom?: I honestly cant remember
4. Will you have godparents?: yes, my best friend is going to be my god mother
5. What will the baby's race be ?: white
6. What is the baby's room theme?: pink and purple owls
7. Are you ready to be a mommy?: As far as I think! But I'm sure there will be lots of things I didn't expect when she comes into this world.

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