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Age 35
Gender Female
Status Married
Work stay at home mom
Location Grantville, Georgia
Interest reading, writing, crafting
Kids 2
Due Nov 25, 2012 (girl)
about me:
I am a mom and I teach my children independence, love, equality and compassion.
Yes, I drive a MINIVAN with cool stickers on it. :)
I love my husband and he loves me. Going on 9 years now.
I am pierced and tattooed and support the artistic creativity of self expression.

about my parenting:
The first baby you worry over every hiccup, every sneeze, every red spot wondering if you need to make a trip to the ER... by the 3rd baby you try to remember when they were changed, if you have formula and pray the other 2 don't wake them up at naptime!
I'm a bottle feeder, I never breastfed, couldn't make milk, didn't worry about it and blessed the ability to hand off feeding times to other people.
I have an infant carrier, a convertible car seat and my 7 year old sits in a booster. She is tall enough not to need one but she only weighs 60 lbs, my skinny girl. :)
My kids outgrew the carrier by 4 months old, WAY too long legged, rear faced until 1 then had to turn them around so they weren't scrunched against the back of the seat!
I try to carry everything I could possibly need in a backpack, extra diapers, wipes, clothes, blanket, burp cloths, snacks, formula, band-aids, neosporin, bactine.. anything and everything. :)
I hate vaccinations and always worry about what is necessary since they keep adding more and more to the list of what is required. I usually tell them to only do what they HAVE to have as stated by the state for school, etc.
Other than those things, I'm pretty laid back and have really great, smart, healthy kids.