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Let me introduce myself, I'm nickyy. Kinda the awkward type. Born in San Diego, currently inhabit Lemoore. 20years young. I don't know what I want in life. I am a very confusing person. I would love to tell you that I am a genuinely nice person, but then I would be lying. I give my respect, only as it comes. I am not the one to judge, and I would appreaciate if you wouldn't judge me. I have very strong oppinions, and sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut. I am a vegetarian, think thats lame? Well wouldn't you know. I take life as it comes, and don't regret. I have a very addictive personality, so please don't get me started... I do drink, and I do smoke, most people would call me a bad influence, I would just call me fun ;) Hit me up, lets chill