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My kids are age 12yrs-newborn. There are 8 of them. Yes we have a lot of kids. No, we're not religious nuts, welfare bums, or allergic to birth control. We just wanted a large family.

They get fed, usually passably nutritious food but we sneak Dairy Queen in there too.

They have a roof over their heads and stuff to play with.

I'm never going to win a "stricter than thou" mompetition.

I am the embodiment of the term 'epic fail' when it comes to domestic duty, except cooking, and I've never learned to clean properly.

My kids all have the same daddy.

I'm the parent other parents warn you about.

I'm good at making messes and bad at cleaning them up.

I put my girls in scouting mostly to assure myself a supply of peanut butter patties.

I can't go a day without creating something, no matter how busy or tired I am.

I'm weird.

We're that crazy family with too many kids and too many animals.

My parents got divorced and I was formula-fed, so that probably explains a lot.