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~26 years old~

~Have 2 kids..Kevin 9..and Angelina 5..they are my world and will always be. Probably will be the only ppl in the world I can trust until bad influences come around~

~I dont do drugs..Its not my thing..if you wanna do them by all means do cuz its not my problem unless me or my love ones get treated like shit or money or objects start if you that bad of a feen then you need to start reevaluating your life and ask yourself if its worth losing ppl in ur life that care about you~

~I have many flaws and im far from perfect.. I have many issues that I dont know how to deal with and I let them get the best of me..ALOT.. Im not changing for anyone anymore..I doesnt get me anywhere~

~Im a working mom. I like the fact that everything I got is from ME and NOBODY had to buy it. Ive done proved I can handle my own and I will keep on handling my own and taking care of my responsibilties~

~The past is the past and there is no way of changing it so theres no need to bring it up years later~

~I have sooo many goals for me and my kids and Im not going to let anything stop me..I WILL better myself and I will get my life in order the way I want it.It seem like everyone has that "Imma do me" attitude so it looks like thats the attitude im going to have from now on~

~If you truley know me then you know about me..unless you heard it come out of my mouth directly to you then 9 times outta 10 its bullshit~