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all about me...well first and most importantly i became a mother in the summer of 2005. i have two beautiful and wonderful children. seth is 6 and abigail is 3. they are the most important things in my life and everything that i do is for them. i started dating my soulmate in the spring of 2007. i married this man in the fall of 2009. he is my partner, my bestfriend, the love of my life. i am very happily married!! i have a few great friends and a family that i wouldnt trade for the world. i spend my days working my butt of at my dead end job just to make ends meet. its only temporary....i will go back to school to further my education and have my desired career as an ultrasound technician. i am me....and i wont change for anyone. i am proud of who i am....even though i am not proud of my past. i am complicated...pessimistic at times....and stubborn as hell. but i am also very loving, kind, generous, passionate, and some would even say strong. my life has been rough for the past five sometimes i dont feel as strong as my loved ones see me. tough times and past mistakes have made me all the wiser and made me hold my loved ones closer and appreiciate them more everyday. my dreams and goals in life are to surround myself with wonderful positive people, raise my children to be admirable adults, have a successful and happy marraige, have a succesful enough career to live comfortably, to see the good in as many people as i possibly can, and to make a positive impact on as many
peoples lives that i can.