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I am a very proud mother of a BEAUTIFUL baby girl named Lilly Jane, who was born on March 19th. I am also engaged to a wonderful man and amazing father to our first daughter :-) I am on here to learn as much as I can and give as much advise as I can, even though I am a first time mother but if you wanna chat just message me!!!

21100_467099696705611_191143634_n.jpgThe best thing to happen to me


Me and my beautiful Lilly Jane


Daddy and Baby

419651_467093776706203_1657643207_n.jpgrockin the pink

971195_467093536706227_1239577899_n.jpgmy little cutie

946555_466722970076617_1650424385_n.jpgbath time!!!

529164_455165934565654_1170889633_n.jpg sleeping on mommy

581540_446937825388465_2104788365_n.jpg love those eyes540145_452608581488056_640230744_n.jpg love watching them sleep :-)164918_453000761448838_1701753970_n.jpg she is my world208776_442743395807908_1637773671_n.jpg
the day she was born was the proudest moment in my life