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I'm a momma to two beautiful little girls

Gracelyn is 25 months, born July 6, 2011. Her due date was June 23, 2011, so 13 days over! She was 7.5 pounds and 20" long. Labor was 9 hours...Found out October 20, 2011 I was pregnant with her. Found out at 22 weeks she was a girl.

Gabriella is 10 months old, born October 12, 2012. Her due date was 10/20/12, so 8 days early! She was 6.2 pounds and 18" long. Labor was 3 hours. I found out February 19, 2012 I was pregnant with her, found out at 16 weeks she was a girl. We did loose her twin to VTS around 6-8 weeks.

My girls are 15 months apart, and it has been amazing, and so so so easy! I love it! and recommend having children close together!

August 12, 2013 found out were expecting a new bundle! Hoping for a boy! due date is 4/20/14 which is also Easter this coming year, wohoo!

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