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Age 18
Gender Female
Status Single
Work Soon to be a SAHM
Location North Carolina
Due May 26, 2013
I believe in the benefits of breast feeding, vaccinating, bottle feeding, disposable diapers, solids by six months, juice giving, cuddling, non-spanking, going to school, ton's of picture taking, co-bathing, and doing on my own young mommy.(:
Pregnancy Journey: August 20th: Last menstrual period.
Oct 19th: Went to the hospital, they did a pregnancy test but I left before they told me anything.
Oct 22nd: Went back to the hospital, found out I was pregnant. They did a ultrasound to make sure the baby was in the right place. They told me I was about 8 weeks.
Oct 31st: went to my first OB/GYN appointment, they drew blood, heard the heart beat [ 165-170 BMP], and they did an official ultrasound and said I was 10 weeks 2 days. and that my due date is May 27th, 2013
Nov 5th: 11 weeks
Nov 9th: They called and told me I am a carrier of Cystic Fibrous.
Nov 12th: 12 weeks
Nov 14th: Went to WIC, got my WIC. Then went to the OB/GYN, had an ultrasound done to check the baby for down syndrome. They said it looked like the baby was fine but still had to do the blood tests that came along with it.
Nov 19th: 13 weeks.
Nov 28th: Doctors check up at 14 weeks and 2 days. Heart beat was 154. I found out the gender on Dec 27th.
Dec 3: 15 weeks
Dec 6th: Went to get my RH- shot, had a 15 weeks ultrasound.
Dec 7th: was in the hospital for kidney stone, and UTI


I am a soon to be young mother, I am sixteen. My birthday is April 7th, and the baby is due May 27th. I am an Easter baby, and this will be the first year my birthday has fallen on Easter since I was born.


I am pregnant with my first and it may be my last depending on how things go because I am high risk.





F I R S T - T R I M E S T E R <3
1-4 weeks [1 months] - COMPLETE!
5-8 weeks [2 months] - COMPLETE!
9-13 weeks (3 months) - COMPLETE!
Had my first ultra sound on Oct 31st, heard the heartbeat: 165-170, toke blood, etc.
Nov 14th had my second ultra sound heart beat was 157 BPM and tried to find the gender but babies legs were crossed.
11 weeks on 11/05,
12 weeks on 11/12,
13 weeks on 11/19

S E C O N D - T R I M E S T E R <3
14-17 weeks [4 months] - Baking
Found out gender on Dec. 27th
18-21 weeks [5 months] - Preheating
22-26 weeks [6 months] -
Baby shower on Feb 16th, 2013 : 26 weeks

T H I R D - T R I M E S T E R <3
27-30 weeks [7 months] -
31-35 weeks [8 months]-
Wanting the baby to make it to at least 37 weeks, but if the baby must come early at least 34-35 weeks
32-40 weeks [9 months] -