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Age 26
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Chelsea, Oklahoma
Due Apr 23, 2013 (boy)
I'm 22, I'm blunt and to the point, I'm not gonna sugar-coat something to make you feel better.
I'm a country girl, I say "y'all", "ain't", and "howdy", and I call my grocery cart a "buggy", and I also say yes sir and yes ma'am. If you don't like it then you can go kick rocks, because you ain't worth my time.
I DON'T DO DRAMA, so if you got it, get the hell out! HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER. GROW UP!!!
I have two best friends and that's just how it is.
In this world you may have to have a certain last name and be a certain size and grow up with a certain amount of money, but where I come from, it don't matter. Your only as good as your word and your words only as good as your actions.
I dont put up with b.s. And I refuse to put up with disrespect.
I love my family, I wouldn't be who I am today with out them.
I have a big heart and I love with all of it. I cry at sad, sappy movies and books, I still watch cartoons and paint my toenails dorky colors for no reason, put on bright red lipstick, put my hair up in pig tails, and dance around my room singing at the top of my lungs, I don't smoke and I don't drink often at all. If you don't like my posts, don't start causin crap, just ignore it or delete me..if ya got any questions just ask...its that simple..y'all have a nice day.