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Thought it was about time I filled this bit out. I am very unstable, angry, judgmental, opinionated, and loud. I never think before I speak. I suffer from cyclothymia which is a mild form of bi polar. This means my mood swings from ecstatic to depressed as and when. I always land on my feet it's a gift. If your friends with me I'm as loyal as they come, if you cross me I'm as nasty as they come. I always dye my hair and look weird. That's me. Don't like it? don't look! when I have a bad day I wont answer my phone or the door don't take it personally. Don't knock on my door without telling me you're coming round. I wont answer if I'm not expecting you. If you mock the things a do/say/wear I'll just keep on doing it. If you haven't been in my life for the oast 3 years then you wont know me at all as I have been put on meds to sort my head out and am now a completely different person. All that being said....nice to meet you :-)