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My name is Samantha & I am 25 years old & the [single] Momma to the beautiful Kiana Jo <3

After 4 years of dating, I married my high school sweet heart at the young age of 20 years old. He then joined the military & we got an apartment, a cat, a car & then very soon a house. After 3 years of marriage we decided to have a baby & on June 30th 2010, Kiana was born & my life was complete :-)

After 4 years of marriage (a month after our 4th wedding anniversary & 2 weeks after my best friend died) my husband came home to tell me he was done being married to me & picked up & left. I found out very soon afterwards that he did in fact cheat & even got the girl pregnant.

I thought my life was over. Everything I had planned for Kiana's future & my future was erased all in a matter of seconds. I didn't know how I would be able to pick myself up & move on, but I did & I did it really quick.

I didn't come from a family of divorces. In fact, I am the 2nd person in my entire family. So this was very foreign & scary for me to process...but I did. I wish I can tell you the magic recipe to my strength but I don't have one. I just knew I couldn't & wouldn't let my husband leaving me get me down. I have this beautiful little girl to raise & show her how to be a strong woman. I just knew I wanted to be a good example for her that she too can overcome any obstacle in her life. I am not perfect, but I feel like I am doing a pretty good job of keeping it together.

Now a year later, things have been shakey here & there. I haven't really gotten any good luck in a while, LOL. But I am still trucking. I have a beautiful Baby Girl & she is the most precious thing in this world & she is really all I need or want in this life. I am thankful for every obstacle I have faced because it truely has made me a better & stronger Woman & Mother.

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