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hi!!! im 19 years old and currently pregnant with my first child. due June 19th. here's some more info about me. im pansexual: if you dont know what that means then google it. music is my life. it gives me a way to escape for reality and into my own little world where i can be who i wanna be and do what i wanna do. i write poetry and do artwork as well. it helps me vent in ways that are unexplainable and are comforting to me. its the only way i can enjoy myself through rough times.

im a pretty easy person to get along with. if u wanna no anything about me let me know and ill give you the complete truth. i never lie. i dont believe in it. i feel that its a waste of breath, energy, and words when the truth is always easier but not always the better choice. it can get u in trouble sometimes but at least it gets people to trust u. i hope i can earn ur trust and be there whenever u need me. im a good listener and i give rather decent advice. if u need anything just let me know and ill do the best i can to help.