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[IMGI'm 22 years young and I reside in Texas. Been here since August 2012 but I'm not really a southern type of girl so this is only temporary. Born in Anchorage (yes that's Alaska). Grew up just outside of Kansas City, Missouri. Spent a year living in Seattle and it's honestly my favorite place on earth.

I have no children but I have a niece whom I love with all my heart. She was born January 4, 2008 and her name is Aamira.
This is her:
And her with her mother, my sister (yes we are blood related).


I am an aspiring personal trainer and I love all things fitness and health related. I lost 20 lbs this year and I currently look like this:


I'm very liberal. I am pro-choice, I consider myself a feminist, I am very pro-gay rights, I believe in helping those in need no matter their circumstances, I believe in socialism and that everyone has the right to affordable healthcare, and I am a staunch atheist.

I am in a relationship with an amazing man who shares the same views as I do. He has a chemical engineering degree and is one of the smartest people I know. I am very much in love and overjoyed to have him in my life. We met on OKCupid and it was an instant connection. This is him:


As I have stated, I do not have children. But I am very pro-peaceful parenting. I don't believe in spanking, yelling, using threats on children, etc. If you think I don't deserve an opinion on parenting until I am one then you are discrediting the fact that I was once a child and can attest to what does and doesn't work. I also have a couple years experience as a nanny. My plan is to cloth diaper, breastfeed, and do an all natural at home water birth if I ever do have children.

Oh yeah, my name is Taryn. :)