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Did you ever think how unfair it is to her??? really what is this going to do to you?? hmmm maybe have to buy a few diapers, while her body completely changes her life changes, her friends will ditch her, she cant drink, she cant smoke. pretty much she has to give up everything in her life while all you have to do is give up a little money and a little time. If you are old enough to have sex you are old enough to deal with having a baby. You can not convince her. she had a part in creating the child and she is obviously the one who will take care of it while your off doing whatever the hell you want and being carefree about life. You got yourself into this mess dont you think it is time to GROW up and take responsibillity for your actions??? i am 18 and having a baby. you think i planed that??? ummm NO! but if you were a man. you would be here for your girl and YOUR baby that YOU helped create. can you same dumb ass... just saying