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Jessica is my name and i am 21 years old. Im a pretty easy going person and i think that people take mah kindness for a weakness.. I like to do pretty much anything as long as im not bored.. I dont do a whole lot because for most of the day i work which i love loll(hahahahha) What i do and like to do the most is spend time with my 1 year old son trayvion.. he is a handful and keeps me busy . he is the reason i wake up everyday and it is amazing that the littlest things make him laugh lol..
My family is a big part of my life i love them all.. My mother anita passed away march 2 2009. She was my bestfriend i took care of her for the most part when she was was sick until she went to the hospital and died.. She didnt get to see my son but i kno that she would have a blast with him along with her other 3 grandkids. im not as sad as i was when she first died because i feel like she is always gonna be here with me no matter what.
The very few people that i hang out and chill with are the ones that i really call my true friends.. I dont like people that act like one person to your face but they are someone else behind your back.. I have more male friends than females.. the reason behind thats is for the simple fact tthat females are jealous they lie just to make themselves look good and think they are hard when half of them isnt gon do shit.. All i ask out of a person is to be honest and to keep it 100. If i dont talk to you then i probably dont consider you my friend.. If you want to know anything else just inbox me and ask.