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Age 30
Gender Female
Status Married
Work unemployed but looking
Location Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
Interest spending time with my kids and husband, football, volleyball, meeting new people
Kids 2
Due Feb 01, 2013 (boy)
Love the way you lie...

Im 25 years old. I have a son named orlando xavier. He is soon to be 4 years old. My son and daughter mean the world to me and i'd do anything for them. And i have a daughter named Kalista. Even if i had to take a bullet instead of them getting it. I am a really nice person once you get to know me. I have a wonderful husband that I love and Im very grateful to have him in my life. And i love my WIFEY!! No i aint lesbian, but if i was she'd be my wifey :) luv you, tara!

Well it's now 2011,
Lets make a fresh new start. Leave everything that happened in the past and let them be bi-gons. It's a whole brand new year! Lets start the year out by tryna get a job and lose some weight.

I smile when you smile; I laugh when you laugh; I love gazing and starring into your eyes. I easily get lost in them. I love when you hold me close in your arms. I love the way you make me like im the only girl in the world; I love the feeling that i get when your in my presence; plain and simple " I love you"; "please don't hurt me, my love"; Please, don't ever let go of me; You are like my knight in shinning armor; or the prince that comes to sweeps me up off of my feet; I feel a really strong connection with you; like i can tell you everything and not hide nothing from you; I've never felt this way before; yes i may have felt a connection before but no where near as strong as ours; there are no words to describe the way that i feel for you; except for sometimes "you take my breathe away"; but you shall know that " I love you" and i always will no matter what life and god may bring to us.