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75573_2735217797723_453020956_n.jpgMy name is Karly, I'm 19, and a soon to be mommy of a perfect baby boy, Maddox, due March.14.2013 <3 Being pregnant is amazing, but I can't wait to see and hold my precious baby boy! I love learning new things about parenting and what to expect, being a first time mama I'm so anxious and excited! I have a wonderful fiance, Kyler, who has been with me through thick and thin, he is more than I could ever hope for, I thank God everyday for sending him my way! I never thought I would have a child so young, he was quite the surprise, but now I couldn't even imagine my world without him <b>♥</b> Mama loves you baby bear!

My son, Maddox Brady Martin was born on April 2, 2013 at 1:40 am by cesarean section.. He was 7 pounds 14 ounces, 19.6 inches long. Mommy and Daddy adore you sunshine!

me and kyler :)
15 weeks!

19 weeks!

301079_2476742696007_695553317_n.jpg24 weeks!

248447_2521577416847_78679348_n.jpg28 weeks!

32 weeks!

64755_2707957996245_955367424_n.jpg37 weeks!

602254_2841480374221_1224969362_n.jpg1 week old

Name: Karly
Age: 19
Is this the first child?: Yes.

Name: Kyler
Age: 19
Is this the first child?: Yes.

1. What day did you find out you were pregnant? September 09, 2012
2. How did you feel when you found out?: So many emotions, unprepared!
3. Who was with you? My fiance, Kyler.
4. How did the daddy react?: He was shocked, but excited!

1. How did your parents react?: Surprised, but very very ecstatic
2. How did his parents react? His dad was shocked but now happier than ever, and his mom.... no comment.
3. How often do they call to check on you?: My mom calls and texts 24/7 lol and my MIL: never, only if my fiance calls them & my FIL: keeps in contact every couple days he calls or texts :)

1. When is your due date?: March 14, 2013 <3
2. How far along are you right now?: 25 weeks
3. Have you had an ultra sound?: Yes.
4. Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes it was recently 148 bpm.

1. What do you want. Boy or Girl?: boy
2. Do you know what you are having now?: A little boy.
3. Are you happy with what you are having?: of course! As long as he has ten fingers and ten toes and is healthy :)

1. Who is going to be with you?: My fiance
2. Are you going to video tape?: The hospital doesn't allow it.
3. Natural or Medicated?: I'm gonna try natural at first, if not then medicated for sure LOL.
4. Do you think you will have a c-section? Hopefully not. But my aunt and grandmother both had one, and I'm small like them!!
5. Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby? NO DOUBT!!
6. Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it? I Love you baby boy! You're so beautiful! mommy loves you!
7. Are you scared about the labor? YES! Who isn't?

1. Do you have a name picked out?: Maddox Brady
2. Is your baby going to be named after anyone?: The middle name is after Tom Brady, the New England Patriots QB :) mommys favorite football team!
3. Did the daddy help pick the name?: of course!

1. Where was your baby conceived?: North Carolina beach! :)
2. Have you felt the baby move?: Yep, everyday ALL day.
3. What was your first symptom?: I was HUNGRY!
4. Will you have godparents?: yes, my mothers girlfriend is the Godfather lol and my bet friend, Camri is the godmother..
5. What will the baby's race be ?: white boy!
6. What is the baby's room theme?: sports and dinos!
7. Are you ready to be a mommy?: As far as I think! But I'm sure there will be lots of things I didn't expect when he comes into this world. I love you Maddox!

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