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"What am I doing what am I doing O-yea thats rite Im doing ME......" ;-)

Im a loving mother to my daughter Kailynn.I never knew the love of my daughter would take over me like it has.I love being a mommy to her & having her is the best thing thats ever happened to me.Its made me stronger & I must say NO MATTER WHAT SHED EVER DO OR SAY TO ME ILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HER...shes my LIFE.Like my mother has been to me, I will be to her & I couldnt ask for a better father for her.My Robbie 10 year relationship I love him with all my heart through all hard times were still hanging on...always & forever I love them.My brother Joe,father Paul,neice Tara I LOVE THEM SO MUCH & couldnt imagine life without them in it."Thanks for everything" :) To my girls I LOVE U too always have my back & always have yours.Brooke,JennN, Christy,Laura, Jennifer C,Angie G~ xoxo If I forgot you MY BAD U KNOW I LOVE U TOO :) I believe in God & know hes there by my side & truely believe everything happens for a reason & to my mother one of the most important people in my life, I seriously love you so much & couldnt imagine my life without you in it.My very best friend,my world we've been through SO much together & youve never left me.Youve done it all for Joe & I Your stronger & more beautiful than you take credit for & you know we are people who will NEVER walk out on you Your my mother & I LOVE you .TO MY DAD PAUL, YOUR THE BEST,IM SO HAPPY MY MOTHER FOUND YOU AND YOU HAVE BEEN MORE THAN JUST A "STEPDAD" TO JOE & I,AND OUR KIDS,MORE LIKE A FATHER! WE APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO.HOPE THE BEST FOR YOU AND MOM AND I LOVE YOU AND SO DOES KAILYNN..."POP-POP"..HEHE WELL,... Thats how I feel in a nutshell! LOL LOVE U ALL :)