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Due Jun 17, 2013 (boy)
2ai7ps.pngMy name is Trish and I got married on Dec 1st of 2012. As my fiance (now husband) and I were in the middle of planning our wedding I started getting really nauseous at nights around the end of October. We finally bought a pregnancy test, although I figured it'd be anything but that, and to our surprise (especially mine) it was positive! I took another just to be sure and it was also positive. This is our first baby and we're really excited! (hoping for a boy.)

5z4b5e.jpgQeBQm6.png260vaz6.jpgwbxqph.jpgUPDATE: On January 8th, 2013, we found out we're expecting a boy!
25a3qyr.jpg His face looks like a little mask here :P
28aox3a.jpgJanuary 22nd, We found out that our baby is STILL a boy! Here is a profile shot :)
287174w.jpgMarch 13, 2013 - We got to see our little boy's adorable face. ^-^