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Well n my opinion im cool ppl lol. I dig tattoos n piercings. I hav 9 tatts 13 xtra holes lol. Most n my ears, the other pierceing r my nose, lip (monroe), tongue, & belly button. I luv animals. I hav a dog (pitt bull/chiwawa mix. Yes it is possible! Lol). His names Dip Stick. I hav a cat (half tabby, half siamese) named Bandit. And i hav a full blood siamese kitten named Malakai. Also, i hav an amazeing bf whom i luv w/all my heart. Thers realy not anything else 2 say. Im jus me. Take it or leave it. If u dnt like me then go away cuz that aint my problem. Im jus livin, tryn 2 make the most of wat im givin. I sieze the moment and try 2 live wit no regrets.