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A Man Can Love A Million Girls, But Only A Real
Man Can Love One Girl In A Million Ways,.God gives you answers in three ways: he says yes and gives you want you want, he says no and gives you something better, or he says wait and gives you the best

My name is Elizabeth, i am 24 my birthday is 9-1-87 im about 5'3" give or take, i have blonde hair , i have blue eyes, ... i graduated from RIVERDALE HIGH SCHOOL, CLASS OF 2006!!!...i graduated Draughons Junior College..for web page design.back in june 2008.IM OUT OF THERE !!! HELL YEAH...i have 11 pericings and 5 tattoos...i have a doggie named bear he is 18 and he is a chow..a puppy named DUKE!!! witch mom says he is my brother lol he is a boxer... new to the family i have a new boxer puppy named Harley tysen that the Easter bunny brought...i have 2 brothers Robert and bryson . i moved back in with my mom on September the 4th!!! 2009...i drive a 2007 SCION TC that i paid cash for.. yeah i love it...lol...i like to go hunting and fishing and horse back ridden...i like to do just about anything outdoors....im not like every other girl that likes to shop all the time i have to be in the mood for it....i like ridden around in the country...which i will be doing a lot of in the summer when it gets warm....i love my friends to death!!! i love my family very much...even if i don't see them all the time because im never at home lol..i like to meet new ppl and have fun..so there for i live by.....A smile can hide everything and pictures capture moments that last a life time. Kisses on the forehead with arms wrapped around is a weak spot. riding around with the windows down = relaxing with your hair blowing in the wind. I'm ready for life's adventures. Made mistakes but never regrets. things happen for a reason to only make you stronger. I just ended one chapter in my life i guess its time to move on and start the other chapter i guess things happen for a reason and bad things happen to good people.. oh well i guess i lived the best for awhile. and it was to good to be true, but i know who my true friends are i can count them on one hand. and there are only 3 people that i can tell anything to and i know they wont say a word they will just listen and they same with them if they need someone to talk to they know i will always be here for them and listen to every word they have to say. so there for im not looking back im just going to look forward thats the best thing i can do for now even tho i hoped and prayed things would of worked out and they didnt so i gave up on that part...there are things that you have to do sometimes that you dont want to do or let go of but hey it will be for the better one day you might not understand it right at the moment but later on down the road it will all come together and find its way. so there for you live laugh and love. i love all of my close friends you know who you are and all of my family you are the best if you dont have family then you dont have anything at all. Put your family first because they will be beside you all the way where many of your friends more then likely wont be there when times get hard. LIFE IS NOT AN EASY BATTLE TO LIVE.