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Age 36
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Location Dayton, Nevada
Kids 1
Due Apr 01, 2013 (boy)
About me??? I am a stay at home mom, I love my children. I was too young when I had my first, Ori, my mom adopted her, so I still get to talk to her. She is a wonderful, beautiful, very smart girl, whose smile can light up a room.
My son Jacob was a closed adoption, Ive only been able to see him once, but I thank God for those couple short days and being able to see that he is happy, and that I made the right decision.
Than I met my honey, Lawrence, 2+ ago n we decided to have a child. A month later we found out we were having CJ :) he is a very happy, lovable, tender child. Dont ever let him think he hurt you cuz he'll bust out in tears.
Family and friends are the most imortant thing to me, because without them, I wouldnt have anything!!
Im slightly flaky, hate talking on the phone cuz Id rather talk face to face, very loving, difficult, indecisive, insecure, passionate, hard working, but, at the same time lazy, I have major moments of OCD, I love my music, n my idea of mommy time is blasting my music, drinking a beer n cleaning the house. :)