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i am a 17 yr old mummy to be and a first time one to i have a boyfriend jake , live in brittian and might be moving to australia to live with jake as he is moving there > jake isnt the father but in our eyes he is at the momnet i live with my mum and he lives with his nan.
me and jake have been together 4 nearly a month 3 weeks .
i love jake and he loves me , we aint together , together as he hasnt asked but we are together if that makes sense our baby is a girl and we are calling her Emathen > hero will be her nickname her due date is feb 8th but i allready 3 cm dialeted and have had 2 false labours in 2 weeks so i on bed rest .
so she might come before that the doctor said that she will be a christmass the way she going
i have not had my baby shower yet but hope to have it before she is born i turn 17 on this friday and will be a junior when school goes back lol .
so will jake , jake is moving to australia as hes nan is going in to a old persons home over there and jake and me will be living with my dad till we can find a place .
while thats all i can think off at the momnet .