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Hi my name is Salicia and I am pregnant with my 3 baby. I have 1 angel baby that i lost in 2004 at 5mths along and i have a 2year old daugther she is the best. I have been married for about 3years. I am very excited to be having another baby, im hoping that this one is a boy and then i think i will be done. (Its A Girl :()

I live in Nashville, Tn and have been apart of baby gaga since 2007 this site gives great support I just love talking to other pregnant women and seeing whats going on with everyone.

I am due on April 1st and I, hoping this pregnancy goes smooth even though either of mine have. With my daughter I had to be put in the hospital at 28wks they said that my cervix keep opening and I could go into labor at anytime so i needed to be put on bedrest if was a long 3mths and she ended up coming 3wks early.

I wish everyone the best of luck with there pregnancies!!! Congrats Mommies!
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Taliyah Alexis 2 1/2 here

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36-40 weeks = 9 months - had my lil one at 38wks on March 16,2010 at 10:22am
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Lord let me wake up without getting or feeling sick.
Lord please let me not bite anyone's head off today.
Lord please please let this heartburn go away; but most importantly...
Lord please let me have a safe & healthy pregnancy.