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I have a 3yr old name Mackenzee who is my world. She keeps me constantly on my toes and has since day 1. She was born at 31 wks due to a placental abruption she weighed 4lb 2oz. She spend 37days in the NICU and it was a tough road but in the long run it made my husband and i even stronger.

We welcomed #2 on Jan 5th 2010. Jaxon Mahki was born at 12:37pm weighing 7lb 11oz and 19.5in long. He was in the NICU for 3 days because of difficulties breathing and having to be put on oxygen but it was nothing like his sisters experience in the NICU.

I have a BS in elementary education and I currently substitute teach until I find a teaching job. In honor of Kenz we do the March of Dimes March for Babies walk every year now. Our first year we took 3rd place and our second year we took 2nd place. I'm very involved with the walk and think its a great cause.

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Kenz had a difficult time with bfing. She struggled to latch and when she did she was working so hard that she was losing weight. For her I pumped the entire time she was in the NICU. But once she came home it became difficult to pump, go to all her dr appts, and go to school so I only pumped for 3months.

Jaxon is doing much better with bfing and I''m loving it!!

We earned our rough start ribbon because when Jaxon was a few weeks old he was hospitalized for 2wks with RSV, pneumonia, and MRSA. He was really bad and was on the ventilator for 1 wk. While he was on the vent and SiPAP I pumped the entire time so he could get bm through the ng tube. Once he came off the vent his throat was swollen so he struggled with latching and being able to eat but we made it through that obstacle :D

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I switched to cloth diapers when Kenz was around 10months and Im so glad I made the switch.
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