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Age 35
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Interest being crafty... love sewing and making bows for my girls
Kids 3
Jessica... I am a mom to 3 beautiful silly crazy girls.. soon to be 7,5, and 2...married for 7 yrs but been together for 10.. I love to sew and make bows for my girls... Im a stay at home mom since december of 2008! I was in banking but got a bitchy boss that would always make me late to pick up my girls from daycare that i said to hell with this shit!! lol... i loved what i did but so much drama there that I decided to stay home till my middle child got to kinder... anyways... since staying home I have really gotten into sewing.. i love to make boutique clothes and the bows to match all of my girls outfits... its pretty sad when my 1 yr old cries BOW... once i do her hair!! lol...

Ive started a myspace page where i sell clothes and bows... so if you are interested in looking at what i do and would love to buy check it out..... Ill post pics on here as well!!