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Holy CRAP, I'm Pregnant! .... AGAIN!!!
My little man came a week early!!

DSC00859.jpgI forgot to introduce myself!!
I have been all in the forums and discussions already without introducing myself. Hi there, my name is Cat and I am pregnant with our 1st child. I am engaged to a wonderful man that I have known since I was 19, but we just finally found our way together in October. Life is moving pretty fast, speed of light in fact- but I am a firm believer in what is meant to be will happen. So, I am counting my blessings and keeping my fingers crossed ;) I am due in October, around the 13th (October must be my lucky month). I am turning 32 in two weeks and I am a born and bred NYer, but living in the Atlanta, GA area. Professionally, I am a consultant and work waaay more than I should which does not help my crankyness ;)

I am sure like everyone else I run the gamet of emotions from being greatful and excited to being petrified and unsure of myself, so this site has already been a wonderful place to come and be around all of you :) I look forward to getting to know everyone and hope I can be as supportive to you as some of you already have been to me.

UPDATE: I'm baaaaack, and yes- despite condoms and the pill, we are pregnant again almost to the day of RJ's conception. I just turned 33 last weekend and my little man will be 5 months old this week. Rich and I finally did the deed and got hitched, yep- we're a real live legal family. I am not really sure how we are going to make it through, but I figure you don't turn down what the universe clearly wants you to have. And although I am petrified about finances, being a good parent, getting enough time with my son before our next bundle arrives... I keep trying to have faith that there is a plan for me and that destiny will guide us through! I am excited to be back in this community and so so happy to see so many of you happy with your little boys and girls!

Healthy and Happy wishes...