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OMG i am so excited to meet the love of my life time couldnt come any faster. At the same time im a little nervous and impatient to become a mommy. on baby gaga i dont talk much i give theadvice i can and appreciate the love, surpport, and advice i get in return. ALWAYS KEEP IT 100
born may 5 my little Aaniyah. the love of my life my little angel god sent. i love her more then anything.
Aaniyah4.jpgAaniyah10.jpgAaniyah7.jpgAaniyah4.jpgAaniyah8.jpg( My baby no matter what you'll always be in my heart. because no matter what my baby you'll always be.) a mothers love and you are worth is all.

August,9 My last period
September,17 [week 5-4]I found out i was pergnant
September,19[week 5-6]My first ultrasound i didnt get to see my baby because it was to small
October,15 [week 9-4]My second ultrasound i saw my baby twitches and heart beat for the first time

December,4 [week16-5]i went to my doctors appointment and he gave me an pap smar and i started bleeding so as soon as i got home i went to the er they did an ultrasound and determinded everything was just fine with my baby.
December,5 [week16-6] i went back to my dr appointment for anultrasound and they told me i may behaving a girl

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