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UPDATE: Braeden Paul arrived on June 10th! He was a little early (4 1/2 weeks) but did really well in the NICU and came home with us after 2 1/2 days. We were really lucky...he was 6 pds 2 oz at birth. I will post some more pics on here as I get them uploaded. I'm so happy he's here! :)

I'm 34 and married to my husband of 4 years. We just decided in the last year that we were ready to have children and started trying to get pregnant in mid-August. Well, third time (month) is a charm so they say!

We moved from Denver, CO to Florida just under 4 years ago and are loving it! We both work full time and when not working are avid movie watchers and readers. We love to hang out with friends and go on weekend trips when we can.

About me: I'm a 34 year old mom of 1. I am so happy I decided to have a baby. I was not sure for many years but finally realized I was basing my indecision on fear. I love my child, my husband, my dogs (Cosmo and Chloe) and my life. Life is not perfect and I've been "strung through the ringer "so to say in many ways, but it's all worth it. As long as you learn from your experiences I always say....Live, love and move on. And all the rest is just fluff.

Random facts:Love the environment (was my major in college), am a liberal,cannot standanimal cruelty, despise ignorance (especially women who have no opinion), and am very compassionate and generous of my time. I don't have any "special talents" but my good friendsays my talent is walking in a room and making anyone feel comfortable.

About my husband: Yea! Love him...wonderful man. Opinionated, vocal, but a softy and has wonderful morals and values. Our journey together has been just that...a journey. No, it hasn't been perfect, but it's been us, it's been a growing experience, what every relationship should be....and we are the better for it. We don't always agree on everything, but at the end of the day we agree to disagree (and possibly keep talking about it in the morning...lol).

Me and hubby (Note: It only took me 34 weeks to get this on here!!) :)