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Hi! I am Sheila andthe mother to 2 beautiful boys!! I am also lucky enough to have been blessed with 2 wonderful daughers that 2 wonderful men choose to share with me! I love them with all my heart!
My boys!! Benjamin, 10months & Joseph 11


And these are my girls, Antionette 17 & Felisha 15

My husband, Lance and I reunited after 17 yrs and a lifetime apart!! We dated breifly in HS and never forgot each other and 17yrs later we found each other and now we have a family together!! We married Jan. 18, 2008.
This is Me, Lance, Joseph and my new daughter Felisha!! (little Ben under mommy dress)!!
Our son, Benjamin Harvey Reid was born on June 26, 2008. He is our heart!! We love him so much!
We have a blended family, I have a 11 yr old son Joseph from my previous marriage.
From that marriage I was blessed to also gain a wonderful daughter, Antoinette, she lives in Mexico City with her biological mother, but she is still "My Girl".
Me & Antoinette!!

VegasPics136.jpgMy Ex-husband and I are still best friends and family! We split in 2003 ,but we both still remain to be family!This is us and our kiddos in Vegas in 2007 forhis family reunion! And Yes, I was invited too!! Isn't that cool!!
This is Me, Joseph, Antionette & Ron (my ex-hubby)
I love my extended family, even if some people think we are crazy it works for us!!