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Age 27
Gender Female
Status Married
Work SAHM and bad Housewife
Location Ohio
Interest love fanatsy, and crime shows, love all kinds of music. i know a vast amount about all kinds of different things
Kids 3
My name is kristina and i live with my husband and we are working getting a divorce. I have 3 beautiful daughters, 2 of which are twins at 3 years old and their sister is 1 and a half. I am in college right now for surgical technonlgy and love it. my life sucks right now, but i have high hopes for the future.
I want only the best for my kids, and i try my damnest for them. I will do anything for them. Right now that is all i have. If you decide that you have a problem with anything i do please, back the f**k up, and b***h about me somewhere else. i have enough shit i have to deal with, i don't need any more drama. If by any chance i have confused you feel free to explore my other posts and brush up.
I love life, and am a gernerally easy going individual, i am able to get along with most people. I try to look at every situation from all sides, and try to do what i feel is what i need to and only dish out advice i feel is actaully helpful. I am a shoulder to cry on, a friend when you need me, I will be evil with you, or gentle as a soft breeze when the need arises. I'm not 2 faced except when i have no choice in the matter. I just follow your moods as they come.
I am 420 friendily however i do not my self smoke. I used to, and someday if it is ever legalized i would again. I hate drinking, because all i ever see is drama. Of course i could be biased, i don't have any real friends in real life. just my husband his mitress, and his friends. ya, i know.
anyway hit me up.

oh and i'm looking to see if someone is able to make me a pic, siggy, or whatever for my new "mission". please ask your doctor about donating your babies umbicial cord! the more we have out there the more lives can be saved! if you can't or don't think it's worth it to bank your child's cord please donate! ask you doctor to put out small brouchures, or poster about donating cord blood.

oh and for those of you wondering, Kitty La Reaper is my fursona. an other idenity used online expressing my likes and dislikes.

weighing in at 4 lbs 13 oz. 17 1/4 '' long. born at 3:22 pm.
7Inum5.pngweighing in at 4lbs 4oz. 18 1/2 " born at 3:23 pm.