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.Married to Casey [11.5.10]
.Bailey joined us on 12.7.10 via scheduled c-section[breech], shes the best part of me.
.it was a long road to get her. 38 months of ttc including 1 miscarriage [12.08] 1 ectopic [11.09] and 2 rounds of clomid later she was made.
.I'd do it all over again for her, any day.
.[4/12]after ttc for 3 months we conceived again, only to lose that baby just before 9 wks after we learned through u/s that it had stopped growing around 7 wks
.[8/12]Baby #2 was conceived (unplanned) after dh's birthday night out with the guys :wink: We were planning on waiting until Bailey was 2 and potty trained before ttc, but we are thrilled none the less and can't wait to meet this little one in mid April '13.
Bailey Bugs Progress ♥
December 7th-Birth: 9lbs 2 oz, 20 1/2 inches
December 10th-Discharge: 8lbs 4.3oz, a little jaundice
December 13th- 1st Pedi appt, weight and bili check, 8lbs 7oz, 20 3/4 inches, jaundice is all gone :)
December 17th-2nd Pedi appt, weight check, same weight.
December 23rd-x-ray on her hips since she was born c-section, to make sure everything looks good and in place...hips are all good to go =)
January 14th-3rd Pedi appt, check up...my little chunker is up to 11lb 2oz, and 22 1/2 inches long. shes in the 90-95% percentile for everything, and pedi says shes perfect!
February 16th- 2 month well care, 15lb 6oz! O.O almost 25 inches long. 97% for weight, 95 for height and 50 for head, shes perfect as can be :)
April 8th-4 month well care, 19lb 10oz, 26 1/4inches off the charts for both height and weight. Get to start solids :)
April 9th- Started Cereal, She loved it!
June 11th-Last day exclusively pumping :( my supply dried up even after trying everything to keep it up.
June 17th-6 month well care, 23lbs even 27 1/2 inches.
September -9 month well care, 24lbs 5oz, 30 1/4 inches
December 13th-1 year well care 25lbs 2oz, 31 inches
March 15th-15 month well care 27lbs 1oz 33 inches
June 8th-18 month well care, 28lbs, 33 inches

Making baby #2!
.8/6 first, second and third bfp's, after realizing I was a few days late for af.
.Baby #2 is growing amazing, I am taking blood thinners and getting progesterone injections. We have had 4 weekly ultrasounds thus far to make sure baby is healthy and growing, as of 9.2wks we have a moving, wiggling baby!
.11/21 19.4wk u/s baby measuring right on for edd, fluid is low, we found out the gender and have decided to keep it a secret between us until the birth )
.12/26 u/s to recheck fluid levels