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My husband and I have been married for 6 years. He had a child from a previous relationship, as did I. I'm pregnant with my 4th child. We have 5 children total. I had one in Nov. 2000, my second May 2007, may 2008 and this one due in April 2013. I'm shutting the baby factory down after this one. lol I'm a laid back mom and I believe that everyone has the right to their own opinions, values or morals. I dont judge others because it may differ from my opinions, values or morals......
Fun tips that have worked for me when dealing with little ones =):
**If you have severely colicy baby, try a chiropractor. Sounds crazy but it worked for my daughter and she was crying from 8am to 11am EVERYDAY for 3 months. 1 visit and she never had that problem again. Though some children require up to 5 visits.
**If baby doesnt want to sleep anywhere but in your arms.....sleep with a few of their blankets and get mommas smell on it. They baby will think you are holding him/her and everyone can get some sleep.

1. Release the inner critic. No mother should ever compare herself to any other parent. Just like children, no two mothers are alike, and each parenting style has its own place. God knew exactly what kind of parenting your child would need, and he matched each child to the right parents. We are always our own worst critic, and it is far too easy to compare ourselves to Susie Homemaker or Cathy Corporate. However, you can bet that Susie and Cathy are probably comparing themselves to you and also asking why they can