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HI! This is my third child but 5th pregnancy. I have a terrific husband and we have a 9 year old daughter (born at 30 weeks, weighed 3 lbs) and a 5 year old daughter (tried to come at 24 weeks had an emergency cerclague and was 4 weeks early, weighed just under 7 lbs). I have an incompetent cervix and have problems "holding" a child in. I have had a sono and everything looks great! I will be having a surgery in about a month to sew my cervix shut (non-emergency cerclague) and will be on resrticted duty until I have my bundle of joy. We are hoping for a boy but will love whatever God gives us. :) My two incomplete pregnancies ended in a miscarrage at 8 weeks and a tubal at 9 weeks. I am currently in that area but the doctors says everything is great! I will keep you all updated.
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