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Age 35
Gender Female
Status Married
Location Idaho
Kids 3
Due May 12, 2010 (boy)
Mommy, wife, lover and friend all rolled into one sassy, sarcastic, intelligent, beautiful, flippant package. I have gone from Agnostic to believing in Deism. I have one foot in the Athiest corner too... if you want or need an explanation, I am more than willing to explain. I am abrasive and thoroughly have a problem with stupidity and ignorance. I will probably tell you that too! Other than that, I am loyal to a fault and deeply in love with life.

Our whole family July 2009

1-2-1.jpgAddyson Lynne in NICU
027-2.jpgMy 3 precious girls! Hailey, Hanna & Addyson