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:D:Bismillah ir-rahman ir-rahimD
8)Asalaamu alaikunna warahmatullah wabarakatu8)
Ya ahkawaat, alhamdulillah, im here to meet other muslim sisters and non who have the same interests as I. Ive been a member since late? 2007 i dont remember.
This is my second pregnancy and alhamdulillah its going great.I am SO excited and feel very blessed to have this opportunity with my husband. :D
My first Pregnancy
im no longer pregnant. At my first appointment we found out that the baby did not have a heart beat, and since my baby did not abort itself i had a D and C 2 days on jan 17th 2007. We might be pregnant again... just gotta wait for another week when my period is supposed to start.
update 6/3/08 so we really actually might be pregnant again ! im so excited and scared at the same time. my period is supposed to start this week, but absolutely nothing. plus i 'feel' different. i just pray everything will go great and GOD blesses us with good,righteoous offspring
9/15/08 took three tests....guess the result:D
Naam sisters, im pregnant again with my second.
My husband and I are so excited and blessed. I do get scared that something will happen but i guess thats because i lost my first pregnancy. In my first pregnancy, i knew it wasnt going to last. For this pregnancy, i feel great. I dont have those feelings. But Allah's qadr is notknown to us.
About ME
I am an african-american 23yo muslim. Ive been muslim since I was 9 years old, even when i was baptist i never FELT baptist. I hated what was being taught.Even at 8 years old i knew it was wrong that GOD was never mentioned in the church. I started wearing hijab at 14 and started wearing niqab at 22. I LOVE wearing niqab. I wanted to wear it since 17 but i didnt.
I was in college, but decided to take a break and now i REALLY want to go back. Im a nerd.
I have a big sympathy and empathy button. Ill cry at any happy or sad story.
I dont like women who bash other women (if youre like that, dont look at my page any further) I dont understand why women dont respectone another. Even getting the Salaams, or a pat on the back is difficult. And from what i see on this site...sigh. I stay away from people like that. anywho...
I love learning about anything that has to do with Islam. tawheed, adaab, fiqh, authentic hadith, tasfiyah, at-tarbiyah, etc. I havea goal to finish the Quran while I'm pregnant inshallah.
Complaints of my pregnancy thus far
I lost a child in utero and feel that i have no reason to complain. but i do have some quirks. I wont state them on here im just glad the pregnancy is going good.

I love talking to other people.
If you have a question about Islam, ill be glad to help.