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Age 29
Gender Female
Status Engaged
Work SAHM/bartender (on hiatus)
Location Toms River, New Jersey
Interest My family, rock & punk music, art
Kids 2
My name is Sam. You'll either learn to love me or hate me. I have a wicked messed up sense of humour so take whatever comments I make lightly cause chances are I was just f*ckin with ya. I can't stand drama so when I encounter it I tend to mock or poke fun at it in the hopes that the people involved will see just how ridiculous they're being.
As for the family front... I am engaged to my very own spazz named Michael. I have a 2 year old son, Landon Vincent, who Michael will be adopting once we're married and as of July 10th, welcomed baby Layla Marie into this world.
I also do some modeling. My portfolio.