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My pregnancy with S

1st Trimester
1-4 Weeks [1 Month]Complete!

5-8 Weeks [2 Months]Complete! *first appt at 7 weeks. weight 124 had internal ultrasound

9-13 Weeks [3 Months]Complete! *2nd trimester AMEN! 2nd appt at 9 weeks lost 7 lbs (117) saw baby through internal ultrasound, 3rd appt at 13 weeks weight 121

2nd Trimester
14-17 Weeks [4 Months] Complete!(anatomy scan March 9th) Couldn't tell boy or girl, appt at 17 weeks still down 2 lbs (122) everything looks good!

18-21 Weeks [5 Months] Complete!(3d scan March 26th) Its a girl! 21 weeks apt wentgood.130 lbs now which means I gained 8lbsin 4 weeks and I'm up 6 lbs total this pregnancy!

22-26 Weeks [6 Months] Complete! 25 Week apt went good. I gained another 2 lbs this month putting me at 132 (8lbs total). GD test 5-17

3rd Trimester
27-30 Weeks [7 Months]Complete!! 27week apt good. gained 1 lb *133 (9total) passed GD test. 29 week appt gained 3 more lbs(12 total) baby is measuring to be 6-7lbs at term.

31-35 Weeks [8 Months]Complete!... 31 week appt:gained 1more pound(137)/ 33 w appt: gained 3lbs (140) total gained 16lbs. 0% dilated. /35 week appt gained 2 lbs (142) 18 -total now. 2-3 cm dilated 100% effaced. On 7-22 went into early labor (35 weeks) they were able to stop it and put me on Terbutaline every 4hours now to stop contractions.

36-40 Weeks [9 Months] Baking!! 36 week appt went good. No more dilation. I will be coming off my meds on Tues August 3rd. No weight gain
37 week appt: gained 1 lb, off the terbutaline now. Doc says he doesn't expect me to make it to my next appt but we'll see!
38 week appt 148lbs (24 lbs total) 3-4 cm. Doc sent me to the hospital and I had my baby!