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I'm Jennifer. I'm awesome and here's nothing you can do about it.
I am a woman, a mother, a wife, an artist, an amateur photographer, a seamstress, a body mod junkie, a free spirit, beautiful, a shit talker, a true hippie at heart, and a lover...all rolled up into one small package.

They do say that good things come in small packages, right?

I make stuff! Check it, yo.
Selling thread- I never update this one...I really should. :oops:
Feel free to check out my Facebook fan page and PM me here for inquiries.
I'm listed in the GSL.

I'm most comfortable when I'm wearing nothing at all.

I tell the ugly truth and am very controversial.
I am an alternative person in the way that I speak, dress, and think.
Often, my mindset confuses others.
I try to live as green as possible. I used cloth diapers on my son before he potty trained, I use cloth pads and a menstrual cup, I use all natural cleaners, I recycle, upcycle and refurbish, and I'm anti GMO.
I am a tree hugger. I love being eco-friendly.
I am pro-life, but I won't knock your choices if you're not a selfish a*****e.
I am eclectic. Look it up.
I love art, body mods, and music with a passion.
I'm vain and cocky.
I like to think I'm funny as hell. You however, may not. This is why we are different.
I love humor and enjoy being as random as humanly possible.
I have an ego that's bigger than self-love at times. :]

monsanto1.jpgmonsanto-evil.jpgMy family is my world.
mp.pngI am what happens when a flower child watches too many g**e movies.

I must say, I'm a proud supporter of good grammar and kids not having kids.