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I have lost two little boys to Incompetent Cervix. My first little boy is named Peter Adam and he was born at 21 weeks 6 days, 5/1/07. My second son is Jacob Alan and he was born at 23 weeks 3 days, 5/12/08. He lived for 32 hours before an infection not related to my condition claimed his life. I am looking to talk to other ladies who are dealing with this sort of thing as well.

I had a TAC put in when I was 13 weeks pregnant with my beautiful son Luke who was born at 37 weeks on Dec 12, 2010. eleeleabk20101212_-6_Luke+Nathanael+is.p
I delivered Silas at 33 weeks. He is currently in the NICU, but doing great! We are just waiting for him to grow a little before we can take him home!