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I'm 19 years old and pregnant with my first child. I got engaged last Christmas to the most wonderful man I have ever met in my life.Stephen and Ifound out we're having a baby girl and decided to name her Hannah Lee! My fiance and I are very very proud parents to be. I'm very family orientated and love animals. I guess you could say I live in an animal house. I have 4 dogs (3 shelties named Kasey, Lillie, and Rillie - they are all sisters from the same litter and their momma got killed when they were only 2 weeks old...we bottle fed and raised 8 of them and decided to keep the 3 we got closest too) and (1 rotti & pittbull mix whose HUGE for a 5 month old pup - she's very gentle, it's all in how you raise them. She likes to lick my belly and get up at 3 am to eat peanut butter crackers and cheetos with me). We also have 2 cats. Sonny is an orange tiger cat that likes to sleep all day and Smoke is a grey fiesty one that hides under furniture and attacks your feet when you walk by. And last but not least we had a Cockateil. She's getting pretty old but still likes to dance when we play the Andy Griffith theme song. We live with my parents right now and even though not having our own place can be kind of hectic, we couldn't be happier with the life we are beginning to start together!